Kasturi Tobacco

Kasturi tobacco is a typical tobacco grown in Jember, Known as Voor Oogst (VO) category. It is well known also as a people's tobacco because of it is generally grown by farmers. Which spread out from Jember to Bondowoso. The planting season begin at the end of the rainy season (May-June) and is going to be harvested in dry season (August-September).

The leaves varietes including Jepon, Roses, Jimamut. The demand is used as raw ingredient of clove cigarettes. There are 2 kinds of drying treatment, namely Talap System and Pendulum system. Talap system is drying handling by expose them under the direct sun and it is required completely. It has the advantage that the leaves dry  faster and evenly. Ripening on the talap system performed during 6-7 days, and then drying the lamina in sun curing for 3 or 4 days. Pendulum system which is a process of drying tobacco leaves by hanging spuned tobacco on two bamboo slats.

Both system are much performed by farmers because it does not take a large area. Next there is an aging process, then followed by hanging it under the sun. The finished dried tobacco would be stranded on bamboo then packed with bamboo mats or plastic cover.

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